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An Exciting Announcement!

So much has happened in the last few weeks that it is almost a blur. We celebrated Easter by having a weekend off from classes in the ministry. The staff went up to our teacher, Percy Franco’s house to swim in the river by his property. That was our only day of vacation and I was sick with kidney pain and an infection. I am slowly recovering, and the truth is, getting pain like this over vacation was much better than having it over classes. I thank God for the timing.

Cindy is a girl in our computer class. I have noticed her especially in Bible study because in every single study, she cries. She is so sensitive to the word of God. I don’t really know her well, but I thought I would ask what made her cry so much. She started to tell me about herself. She said that she never really liked computers, nor did she have interest in studying them. But she heard about the class from a friend and something inside her began to urge her to take the class. She didn’t have the money, so she had to work some miracles, ask some friends for help, and suddenly she was in a new computer class, not knowing what to expect. She said the first Bible study impacted her. She was a Christian and had gone to church, but this was something new. Every week, she said God was talking to her, like the studies were made just for her. She said that a few weeks ago, I gave a study about blessings that really aren’t from God. I was talking about when something good happens to us in the wrong way and yet we attribute it to God even though we may have had to sin to get it. She said that the very next day, she woke and found that she was out of formula for her baby. She had no money and didn’t know what to do. Somehow a man she knew offered to help her and get her whatever she needed. She was desperate, and was tempted to accept it, even though she knew the man’s intentions were not pure and this would give him the upper hand. She wanted to say yes for her baby’s sake, but the Bible study kept popping into her mind. “God’s blessings don’t come with strings attached and won’t make us compromise. Those are really tests to see what type of person you are and what character you have.” She ignored the man who hounded her all day. Her mother came in the afternoon with a formula packet that she took out on credit at the local store. While she was happy for the help and her mom’s generosity, she was worried about the debt she incurred. Night came and they slept. The following day, she said they were blessed by God with food, formula, and money, enough to pay back the debt and then some! She was so happy telling me the story and the way God responded after the test. She was so thankful she had found Ministerio La Voz.

I have had the privilege of building many homes in Puerto Cortes for needy families, mostly single older women with children. What amazes me is knowing their story and their faith in God. They would pray and ask God for a house that they could never possibly afford to build, and they would ask when they did not even have land. Some prayed for years and years without losing hope, and for good reason, because God gave them a house. These women, who society had forgotten, who were poorly educated, abandoned and with little prospects, were married to Jesus and He took up their causes. In strange ways, He led people who did not know them, from other countries to give them the house of their dreams. I have been privileged to be involved and I love it.