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Trade School


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Our vision is to transform people to become agents of change in their own culture through spiritual wholeness and vocational training.  In the largest deep water port of Central America, We are strategically placed  to gain influence and change the culture.  Our main focus is education.  We run a full-time trade school, Ministerio La Voz or MLV, in Puerto Cortes.  We offer certificates in:

English, sewing, auto mechanics, computers, and welding

Our teachers are professionals who love Jesus.   Our students are not only ambassadors for the kingdom, but community leaders.  Graduates work in:

The port, Dole Fruit Company, City Hall, Call Centers, Cruise Ships, Mechanic shops, Welding Shops, Construction and more.

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English is the language of the business world, the port world, and missions.  Our students learn not only how to speak English with proficiency, but also how to read, write, and translate.  We are one of the best centers in Puerto Cortes for Language development and our students have landed jobs in the call centers in San Pedro, on cruise ships, and even as English teachers in other institutions! 



In the world of technology, we strive to be on the cutting edge.  We train people in what is quickly becoming the game changer in Honduras.  Every business and home is now installing computers and our students need to be proficient with new technology.  Computers are now required in most jobs.  


Our sewing department is run by our very own graduate, Rosa Castro.  Sewing gives single mothers and others an opportunity to work out of their homes, or for women to train to work in one of the many factories in Choloma.  Our department makes products to sell in our venta-de-carpa, yard bazaar.  They learn design, cutting, and production.

Welding provides many opportunities for students to form their own small business and be entrepreneurs,  work in the port, or for a transportation company.  We teach arc and MIG welding with the vision of forming a specialized  workshop, training in argon and other specialized techniques, and to be the premier welding shop in Central America.



In a port town, auto imports from the States is big business, making auto mechanics a thriving industry.  Not only do students have the opportunity to work in a mechanic shop, but to work for the big port companies that surround us, like Dole, Chiquita, La Tela and more.  Our students learn mechanics from the ground up, learning the basics all the way to advanced practice!  We have a great teacher who aims to take the mechanic industry by storm and we support his dream! 



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