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Prison For Jesus

It was my first time to prison. I had visited inmates in the states before, but had never gone inside one, let alone a Honduran prison. The Holy Spirit asked me once if I was willing to go there for Him, and His conviction was so strong, that I started to think that maybe I would get arrested. After pondering His question a few days, I said I would go for Him, if He wanted me to. Then I heard Him say, "Just checking." Back then, I never even knew what prison in Honduras was like; I was just willing to go where God would need me.

The week started with the arrival of the team on Wednesday. After picking them up and driving back to Cortes, we checked into the hotel and had service at MLV. Word had gotten around that we had guests and we received many new friends in the community for worship. The Holy Spirit made Himself known after the third song and there was no denying His presence. Our Mechanic teacher's brother, Elton, accepted the Lord in the service and God turned his life around. His presence was with us everywhere the team went.

We spent Thursday morning in intense prayer for the week, covering everything we had planned to do. That evening and Friday evening, the team gave conferences on our identity in Christ, and also on how to pray for the sick. The first evening we had about 45-50 students, family, and friends show up. The second night it was the same. We held the conferences in the computer classroom, and it was packed. It turned into a sanctuary with people crying in the Spirit, being healed and giving their lives to Jesus. What a great way to start the week!

Saturday was our big party at the waterpark. Two hundred people attended to support our six graduates: two from mechanics, three from welding, and one from sewing. A student committee helped us with decorations and set-up at the party, really making it all look amazing. We had worship and a time of prayer. Then it was a free day to swim. That is when God really started to move. Pastor Rafee's wife had had a dream about some curved feet before he came on the trip and at the party we met a couple whose children had curved feet. We prayed for them and the parents were so moved that they accepted Jesus! Then my student, Wilmer, accepted Jesus, and Elton was baptized in the lower pool! It was a party to answer so many prayers.