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Gift From Heaven

A little over a month ago, Pastor Steve from Hagerstown contacted me on behalf of one of his members. He was thinking about something I said in February about transportation for Pastor Juan. For those that may be new or do not remember, Pastor Juan is a Cocal partner who has a church in a village called Agua Caliente, where he lives. He also has a church in a much more remote village called Las Flores. What used to be a two-hour walk each way, to preach and teach between the two villages, was shortened when Cocal Gracias and SDFC helped purchase a motorcycle for Juan. Juan has used his motorcycle the last seven years, and it has worn out a few times from all the trips. The road to Las Flores is only passable by 4x4 vehicles and motorcycles. At times it is not passable at all. Pastor Juan visits Las Flores three days a week to teach and hold service. Pastor Steve reminded me that I had mentioned a need for new transportation when we were at his church in February. A quad motorcycle was what I said Pastor Juan needed. The gentleman in his congregation was thinking about my talk and now wanted to donate toward the cause. To me, it was surprising news. Here we are months later, and I hadn't even thought about it. When I let Juan know of the gift, he was really excited! We went to San Pedro Sula to see the quad motorcycles there and to see if there was anything we could get. When it was becoming a reality and we received the donation, he told me that a few weeks ago he had been thinking of turning the church in Las Flores over to a local leader. It wasn't that he wanted to quit the church; he wanted to quit the trip to the church. His motorcycle was in bad shape and he had laid it out before the Lord. He said he needed a sign to know if he should continue or not. The donation came for his transportation, specifically answering not only his need, but his prayer. Cocal Gracias was able to supplement the rest of the costs and last week Juan purchased a brand new, plastic on the seat, quad motorcycle! Thanks be to God and to the brother who made it possible. Thank you for being sensitive to the Spirit and being a part of an answer to prayer.

Brian Ruark Director of Cocal Gracias

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