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Scholarship Recipients 

Scholarships are awarded based on Academic Excellence.  Each student fills out an application sharing their lives and dreams.  Our scholarship program is sponsored by the Patrick Shifflett Foundation in Maryland and Pierpont Church in West Virginia.

(not pictured: Luis, Lilian, and Maria Elena)


Hi, my name is Danitza.  I am sixteen years old and I study auto mechanics.  I consider myself a good student, responsible, and well behaved.  I am sincere, honorable and I like to do the right thing.  My goal is to continue studying mechanics and to graduate.  I know that with hard work and God’s help, it will happen.  I give it my best each day so that my dream is a reality in the future.  I have been able to do so thus far, getting good grades in my class.  It has been difficult, but I have been responsible with my homework, class times, and my uniform.  I would like to say thank you to the staff at MLV, because I have learned a lot about God since coming here.  I know he is with me and giving me my dreams. 


I am 17 years old.  I live in Palermo in Puerto Cortes.  I am their third daughter of five.  I want to study in the university one day to become a doctor, and also have the opportunity to study abroad. This is why I am trying to learn English in Ministerio La Voz.  I really want to be bilingual so that I have better opportunities to study. 

 I am only one step away from the university.  Life has its twists and turns and we may fall down.  But we must always get back up because success does not just come to you; you must work for it. 


I am twenty three years old.  I believe I am an enthusiastic person.  I really enjoy learning, and I love finding topic to investigate in the internet.   I know that if I learn English well, I can apply for a better job. In 2011 I started working and was finishing high school.   In April 2012, I was informed that I had earned a completely paid trip to Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, in the U.S.  with a trade-study program.  I was so excited and realized that all my hard work paid off.  The following year I graduated. My goal in Ministerio La Voz is to graduate, but with high grades.  Then I will apply for a job on a cruise ship. I know that my future depends on what I do in MLV.


I am seventeen years old. I live with my parents and my sister.  I love to play futbol, and hang out with my friends. 

My dream is to study English in MLV and make it my second language.  In my profession of auto mechanic, English is important because the manuals, scanners, all come in English.  Clients also speak English at times.  My family is my achievement.  We are united and together in a time when many parents immigrate to another country because of lack of employment.  Personally, I have earned my diploma in mechanics, which is too costly for many families to support their children to study and graduate.  I am grateful for the sacrifice my parents made to help me reach my goal.  My next goal is English in Ministerio La Voz. 


I am 54 years old and studying sewing.  I have always been a hardworking woman who was able to give schooling to her children and help them succeed.  I worked in a factory for 21 years, but had to retire because of my health. Now I sell small articles and clothing out of my house. I attend a local church and I am married now 25 years with my husband. 

My goal is to graduate from Ministerio La Voz in sewing and open a seamstress shop.  I know I can do it because with sacrifice and hard work I was able to build my house.  I worked in the factory and with my bonuses and maternity pay, I was able to build us our home, one room, one bathroom, at a time.  It took me many years, but now we have a home. 


I am 20 years old and live in Palermo.  I study graphic design in the university and I love it!  This career has helped me grow as a person, see the world from a different point of view, and explore my creativity.

I have so many dreams and aspirations.  I want to learn English and be able to study and live in another country and be successful.  I know that in MLV I can earn the first part because MLV has excellent teachers and if one knows how to take advantage of them, you can be successful.  I believe we all have achievements, but for some people, the achievements they have, someone was able to give to them. It was easy for them.  In my case, all my success has been with sacrifice and it feels good.  I have never given up, and I know that with God all things are possible. 

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