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  Our annual budget is what supports all our activities in Honduras.   The following are needs that have come up that have not been included in the annual budget.  They are above and beyond and a great way to get involved.  

These include work projects, community service needs , and tools.  To donate to our help page, please click on a donate button and mention the item you are helping to purchase in the notes  window. Or you may send a check payable to COCAL GRACIAS to:   P.O.Box 35552 Tucson AZ, 85740.   Thank you for your support!

Follow this link to donate to a specific need



We are starting a new and exciting endeavor to build our second center in Honduras.  This will serve children from ages 3-12 to meet Jesus early on and realize their God given potential!  We are so excited for what God is doing.  

Art Class


We built a space for our art studio and now need to furnish and supply it.  If you love the arts and would like to be a part of this exciting new space, please donate below.  

Electric Piano


Our goal is to make worship a central part of ministry life and also to allow people to discover new musical gifts in the Lord.  The Lord has shown me that the first step toward a music program is to get instruments.  Piano is a center piece of worship and what we would like to start offering lessons with.  

Music/ Sound Equipment


We need sound equipment for our worship and music room.  We are looking to buy a sound board, cables, mics, speakers, lighting, etc.  We really want MLV to stand out and be noticed.  


Company donation

We need 5 recent computers.  We have been asking for help with this for several year and I feel this is the year. 

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